• 1992 Triton spol. s.r.o. implements first digital systems for radio communications and digital transmission utilising the analog paths.

  • 1993 In the Europe were introduced first digital television transmission systems. Cooperation with the Danish company RE-a pioneer in the development of digital systems for radio and TV broadcasting in Europe.

  • 1995 The first digital television path in Slovakia, Triton supplies systems for digital distribution of television programs to regional transmitters.

  • 1997 Radio-relay systems for mobile TV broadcasting.

  • 1998 Triton has become representative of BARCO, which took over the company RE, expanding the products.start of  MPEG technology.

  • 2001 Slovak Telekom, a.s. won the international tender as the satellite distributor of television and radio programs. In the subsequent years Triton build a complex system of digital distribution network for all nationwide Slovak television stations, digitalization of the radio distribution, experimental projects with DVB-T.  FM radio - systems for RDS, FM broadcasting monitoring in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

  • 2008 Supplies the Ceske radiokomunikace with DVB-T.

  • 2010 Build a satellite uplink for Towercom.
  • 2012 Supplied the equipment WorldCast Systems to Towercom to ensure the integration and monitoring of the FB broadcast.