The foundation of any successful headend is the quality of the incoming signal with which the device operates. To achieve the best quality at the output, towards the end user, it is essential to observe the principles and standards that directly affect the required quality. Besides the correct topology and logical of the path, the most important information is the quality of the signals. You don’t know what are the values on the designated  headend or FM transmitters locations for proper transmission of DVB-S/S2, DVB-T/T2? We can professionally and pragmatically measure it. Proper measurement saves time and prevents errors in construction and in the long term saves costs.   



Measurements offered


  • satellite signal, direction and quality DVB-S/S2

  • digital terrestrial television signal, coverage and quality DVB-T/T2

  • FM signal, coverage and quality

  • MPEG 2 TS (Transport Stream), measurement and analysis

  • SDI-SD/HD measurements and analysis (structure)